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Offerte silk epil 7

offerte silk epil 7

Most efficient on short hairs. Virtually painless with repeated use. For an epilation experience as smooth as it gets. Bikini trimmer provides gently hair removal, and avoids irritation and red bumps. For the perfect bikini line without waxing. This area allows consumers like you to express their own opinions epil comments. Braun does not represent or warrant the accuracy of any statements or product claims made here, nor endorses any opinions expressed by the reviewer.

No, I do not recommend this product. It may be helpful to know that our Series 7 Epilator is designed with cordless shaving only and will not work while plugged in. To learn more about our epilators, be sure to visit, https: It's a good product overall, but I was not impressed with how it works offerte the bikini area. If you want to remove more than just the bikini line, then this is not the product to use. I read so many reviews of all the different epilator's out there, and settled on this one.

I guess the search offerte have to continue, or I'll go back to waxing. We're sorry to hear that you didn't get the results you expected, Jenny. We're honored that you did give our Braun Silk-epil a try. Epilation is easier and works best when the hair is epil long. Be sure your hair epil free of any cream and oil, by showering or bathing before. Silk makes the hair easier to remove. Don't forget to epilate slowly. It should take approximately 15 minutes to do each section, and when doing sensitive areas be sure you're using the correct head.

Move the epilator in several directions. We'd love to help you find the perfect product for your needs, please give us a call at I really liked all the perks that came with this epilator. This isn't the first time I've used an epilator, but I don't know how I ever used one without a light that showed me offerte hairs to aim for! Comfortable grip, doesn't hurt, I like the flexibility of silk able to use it dry or in the shower - although to be honest, I find it takes longer to use an offerte than to shave, and didn't love trying to balance on one foot in the shower for as long as I needed to compared to shaving.

However, in exchange for taking longer to epilate than shave, I get longer between hair removal sessions, and even as the hair grows back, it is finer silk in various stages, so it isn't as noticeable as shave stubble. I decided to do a trial of one leg with this epilator and one leg with my old epilator - I definitely silk myself preferring this Braun, since the light let me see more hair, and that left my legs hair free silk longer. I also felt like my leg was less rough prior to moisturizing than the other leg with the older epilator. The multitude of attachments allow for epilating other areas - ie, bikini line and face.

I wasn't brave enough for face, but it worked very well on underarms and bikini line. I live in the south offerte we swim from approximately April through November sometimes December and found epil an epilator keeps me shorts and swimsuit ready on the go - this epilator worked far better than any previous, and I would highly recommend it. Epil old one is ready to get tossed! I received the package Aug 11, but I waited this long to do my review coz I really want to know if it does lived up to its promise.

I read the box and did some research offerte it because it was my first time. I wasn't that concern about the pain because I do body wax and brazilian wax. I was curious about the "Dry or Wet" print on the box so I went ahead and used it offerte my legs It was surprisingly good! Didn't felt any bumps afterwards. After almost a month my hair's starting to grow out and the problem begins haha the second attempt was while taking a shower and it won't pull out as much hair as it is dry.

I guess coz the hair's wet so it's hard and for the second attempt I have a lot of baby hair and it doesn't get the job done so I keep on going back over and over at the same coz I wanted to take epil all the hair and my skin was sore and irritated after a while. Plus the process of repeating at the spot is time consuming! I was inside the shower for almost 2 hours. I tried it on my bikini but I couldn't handle the epil it's like pulling your hair one by one kinda like you tweezing your bikini hair It's a slow process of torture hahaha well, that's how I felt.

I am so used to that one time pain of waxing and then proceed to a different spot hahaha for the second attempt I wasn't impressed with the result on my legs so I waited 2 days just to let the epil go away and I silk legs and brazilian wax. About the unit it is rechargeable and it last forever. I haven't charged it yet since I got it. I only silk the original head appicator that comes with it on my underarm I haven't used the other applicators since I don't shave offerte wax or epi on my face.

I think the Braun silk epil 7 is a the greatest product I have used for hair removal. It stung a little for the first silk uses, but definitely worth it. It is well offerte the price. I would recommend using either in the shower or after nice warm shower. The massaging head helps too!! I've notice hair grows back slower now also. I've recommended this product to all the women I work with!!! I'll start by saying that I live in southern Florida so unfortunately I can't conceal stubble under long pants and long sleeves in the winter I'll admit, I was nervous because I've heard that it is painful.

To my surprise, it didn't hurt I purposely didn't shave for epil few days so I had some hair growth. I used it in the evening since I wasn't sure if my skin would get red and irritated. It did get slightly red in some areas but that disappeared within silk hour. My legs have never been smoother and it lasts SO much longer than offerte shaving!

I love that you can use it wet or dry. The LED light is a fabulous addition for finding the smallest of hairs. The pretty sparkles on the unit is a cute bonus! There are 6 attachments to experiment with. I love the Braun Offerte epil 7 and highly recommend it! Try it and you won't go back to your old razor. This is the third epilator that I have ever used and it is by far the best.

It fits well in your hand and I love the light. Even in daylight, it helps see the hairs you might have missed. It definitely hurts at first, but by the time you get to the second leg you've gotten used to it. It's better if you go slow, in one direction, which helps offerte going over the same spot twice. It even works on silk hairs. The head is flexible and that makes it silk going over all kinds of bumps. No more knicks on your ankles. I have thicker, darker hair and it's been two weeks, but I think I can get away with a third.

The only thing I didn't like was the narrowest epil used for the face, which was too small and didn't silk hair well. To remedy that I put on the next size up and that worked. The directions offerte detailed, but a little hard to get through. I would definitely recommend the Braun-Silk-epilator if you are in the market for an epilator. I have the older Braun Silk Epil 5 epil and was planning to upgrade to a newer one. The shape of the epilator looks elegant and is very easy to hold in the hand and use. This is a rechargeable waterproof model that can be used in the shower as well.

I prefer the dry epilation and started testing it out after charging it for a few hours. It is faster when compared to the older 5 model and the flexible roller head makes it go smoothly over the skin. However, one has to be careful when going over the epil in the joints such as elbow, fingers silk the skin can easily get pinched in these areas. Comparing to the older model, the epilation head is about the same size. And this cannot be used while it is charging. A full charge comes for about 40 mins of use, which would not be sufficient if you plan to epilate arms and legs at one stretch.

Overall, this is great for someone trying Braun for the first time. But it does not offer much improvement as an upgrade from the older version. This epilator is not epil I expected it to be. I've owned a Braun epilator for more than 7 years, I use it several times a month. It seemed like a good time for an upgrade. This new epilator has great features, pivoting head makes it way easier to maneuver vs other epilators. Ergonomic shape that makes it easier to hold. Which I think is the problem.

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  • Купить эпилятор BRAUN Silk-epil 7 Wet&Dry с триммером в интернет-магазине ЭЛЬДОРАДО с доставкой и 5/5(). предлагает выгодные цены и отличный сервис. Braun Silk-epil 7 Wet&Dry эпилятор с триммером 4,9/5(). Find great deals on eBay for braun silk epil 7. Shop with confidence.
  • Купить эпилятор BRAUN Silk-epil 7 Wet&Dry с триммером в интернет-магазине ЭЛЬДОРАДО с доставкой и 5/5(). предлагает выгодные цены и отличный сервис. Braun Silk-epil 7 Wet&Dry эпилятор с триммером 4,9/5(). Find great deals on eBay for braun silk epil 7. Shop with confidence.

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